Icon Sculpting
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Phone: (702) 768-5147
Fax: (702) 838-6840
Email: evsculpting@gmail.com
  • The Chair

    The Chair  

  • John Glen

    John Glen  

  • PBR Bull

    PBR Bull  

  • V8 Goddess

    V8 Goddess  

  • She Devil

    She Devil  

  • Kirin Sculptures

    Kirin Sculptures  

  • Treasure Island

    Treasure Island  


Iconic Creations and Aesthetic Realizations

  • We use traditional techniques and cutting edge technologies to bring life to our dimensional work.
  • We use a variety of materials for molds depending on the particular configuration to create stunning forms.
  • Oil paints, acrylic paint, faux finishes, durable automotive paint systems and clear UV protective coatings...
  • Super scaled projects are possible due to the lightweight strong material called fiberglass.
  • We love to create maquettes for our clients to help better visualize large 3 dimensional projects.
  • Close communication, managing budget, dead lines and insuring high quality is our focus.
  • We manufacture large variety of shapes and designs for different industries and applications.
  • We provide drawings, sketches and computer renderings to help our clients visualize the end product.